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There's a bet going on with a friend in which I'm challenged to create traffic on my personal site.

When bragging around how much additional traffic I created on my clients webpages, I got asked why there were just around 3000 page views on my personal page in the whole last year when I'm such a great webdeveloper. Maybe I had no suitable answer then but I'm working on it.

On this blog I try to share my efforts in creating a great website with high traffic volume with you. As a person who uses English as a second language there have to be alot of gramatical and typing mistakes. Feel free to comment my spelling, asking questions or giving any feedback. I would appreciate it.

What I've done so far...

... to increase my sites traffic volume.

Getting started

First thing I had to do was shutting down the old webserver hosted in my mothers washingroom. This measure had to be taken since the old servers loading times weren't gerat, the apache configuration is in my current view to unsecure and it would be overwhelmed with a 20mbit/s D/DOS attack. The relaunched webpage will be hosted on the server I rent for my customers.

When copying around ssl certificates configurations on the new server and ajusting them, I created one broken config file. This led the apache webserver not to start up correctly. Because it didn't crash, the first thing I did was flushing my DNS setttings on my browser when things didn't work as expected. When looking back onto my ssh session, apache still hadn't finished starting up. Since screen wasn't running, I had to abort the startup process and checked the log files. Debugging a should-be-live system is maybe the worst task a system admin has to carry out, especially when the servers down is created by himself. Fortunately it wasn't a major issue and fastly fixed in about 5 minutes. In one virtual host config file a root directory was /var/www/retoodoni.ch.ch/ which resulted in a wrong ssl configuration generated by letsencrypt. Unfortunately 5 minutes was to slow for one of my clients, asking why his webshop just went down.

Keeping it clean

Decided to keep the Newsticker clean and wirte a blog post about it when I have to tell you as much as yesterday. What would you prefer?

Updating CGI portfolio

Updating my CGI stuff. Check it out, it's the only interessting content by now. I try to come to an end because I really have to write a post about the initial state of traffic to this site.



Reducing loading times

A very intressting topic I've spent a lot of time on and I'm surely going to wirte a post about it, is how to decrease loading times for your webpage. In my oppinion acceptable loading times are essential and should be aimed even with WordPress unter the hood.  Modern search engines use it as one of the criterions to rank the page. The current loading times are quite well but still needs alot of improvement. Especially Googles PageSpeed Insights has a lot of points to criticize and ranks my page speed with 87 of 100 points. Pingdoms Website Speed Test is more modest and gives 96/100.

Pingdom Website Speed Test results

loading Times from Pingdom Website Speed Testfile requests from Pingdom Website Speed Test


Got my frist clicks with organic search since relaunch

5 people found my website over Google!

Show Google Webmaster's Graph

traffic over organic search


Blog Post
My websites initial state

Released my second blog post about the websites current traffic voulme and why I couldn't escape from US election campains.

Work in progress

Still working on the GCI Stuff.

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