Ancient Ship

Ancient Ship
September 1, 2014 No Comments Portfolio rodoni

An ancient ship for my first animation

This was the start for my first animation where an ancient ship should cruise through rough sea with my  "Maturaarbeit" in the background. Unfortunately this is one of the projects I never finished and probably never will. Neverthless since this ship I started to put alot more focus on details.

The whole ship is based on model building blueprints for ships. All I did was "cutting" the pices in correct shape and putting them together until my ship was finisehd. Finally I added some details and baked a suitable cloth simulation for the sails. As you can see I also added a ocean simulation. Both simulation's are animation ready.

ancient ship made in Blender

I put alot on effort on all small pices such as the cannon. Here's a close up from a ship canon.

ship canon Blender

Scene Information:

The ship was created and rendered in Blender, the canon was modelled in Blender and got textured in Substance Painter where the screenshot is comming from. The whole scene as you can see in picture 1 contains about 8.5 millions of vertices, 143 objects and 7 lamps. It just takes about 3 minutes to render everything with a quad core @4.6GHz.

Ship, created by Reto Odoni

Date: September 2014    Software: Blender, Substance Painter


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