Architecture visualization

Architecture visualization
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Blender for commercial usage

A lot of offices use architecture visualization in Blender for creating computer generated models of future buildings. It's a free of charge alternative to some high price 3D modeling, animation, motion graphic and rendering application such as Autodesk or Cinema 4D. When I first started searching a computer graphic software I wanted something which stays up to date. Either I had to buy an extreme expensive software or just use Blender. This decision wasn't a difficult one. Sometimes when talking to other peoples about their projects, I get asked If I can visualize them in Blender. Mostly I reject such requests due to a lack of time and motivation. Although a lack of time is equal to a lack of motivation and is equal to financially insufficient compensated. But especially when my parents are asking, I'm often excited about their ideas as well and start working on something "useful" as my father likes to say.

My architecture visualization in Blender

Different to other cgi projects (computer generated images) everything in a architecture visualization has to be implemented as planned. There is not much room for artistic freedom. My very first architecture visualization is a render of a little hill which was made with some kind of 3D scanner software whose name I can't remember. The only thing I had to do was taking some photos of the object I wanted to scan. Importing the generated object into Blender and start rendering it. The result was indeed pretty accurate compared to my real live template but uncomplete. Unfortunately, I wasn't capable to take photos of the hills top. There is also a version where the hill is complete. But without textures It doesn't look particularly exciting so I don't show it.

architecture visualization Blender first try

Another project is the visuzalization of a small shed created exactly from a construction plan.

 architecture visualization blender garage 1 architecture visualization blender garage 2

top view garage visualization

The lower house visualization is current in an inital phase. When compared to the upper 2 pictures there's an enormous lack of details. This house is my training object to get in touch with Blenders new render engine Cycles which supports GPU-rendering (graphic processing unit). By the way, Cycles is an excellent reason to buy yourself a high-end GPU.

architecture visualization Blender

Architecture visualization, created by Reto Odoni

Date: February 2016    Software: Blender

Scene Information:

The pictures of the shed takes about 3 minutes to render with a i5 6600k @4.5 Ghz. The whole scene contains about 2.5 millions of vertices, 980 objects and 10 lamps. The last one took just 23 seconds with reflections enabled with an AMD 390X + ~10%. Of course the lower one hasn't the same amount of vertices to render, but activated reflectsions are alwas very expensive to render.


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