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The website’s initial state
Image January 14, 2017 Blog rodoni

Where I’m starting fromBefore starting with the website’s initial state, I want to tell you how this site was created. In 2014 I originally wanted to study game design at “University of Arts in Zurich”. Because it’s a University of Arts they want a portfolio with artworks beside the academic degree.  In my opinion a

Architecture visualization
Image February 1, 2016 Portfolio rodoni

Blender for commercial usageA lot of offices use architecture visualization in Blender for creating computer generated models of future buildings. It’s a free of charge alternative to some high price 3D modeling, animation, motion graphic and rendering application such as Autodesk or Cinema 4D. When I first started searching a computer graphic software I wanted

Little Game
Image May 1, 2015 Portfolio rodoni

Get excited primary school children with a little gameWhen I’m working as a PrimaLogo assistant / instructor in primary school as a student job, my main task, beside debugging the kids code, is to show the them some “real life” code examples. Since they prefer moving stuff over static code, I decided to create a

Motorcycle cocept art
Image January 1, 2015 Portfolio rodoni

My still unrealised concept artThis is a different kind of project where I want to modify a stock Honda CX 500 into a Cafe Racer, it’s based on an old Honda CX 500 which I bought back in 2015. A Cafe Racer is an old, fast, personalised and distinctive motorcycle to travel between cafés. Before

Ancient Ship
Image September 1, 2014 Portfolio rodoni

An ancient ship for my first animationThis was the start for my first animation where an ancient ship should cruise through rough sea with my  “Maturaarbeit” in the background. Unfortunately this is one of the projects I never finished and probably never will. Neverthless since this ship I started to put alot more focus on

Image July 1, 2014 Portfolio rodoni

Until this project I keept struggeling with texturing my objects and I was searching for a suitable solution. I wasn’t capable of creating realistic texutres. One day, I was looking through Steam sale and noticed that “Substance Indie Pack” was 50% off. Since in my local Blender forum some really nice texturing works were made

Playing around with CryEngine
Image December 1, 2013 Portfolio rodoni

This project was created in a time, where the german video game company Crytek wasn’t in financial trouble. Back then, they were in the news not because they had a crisis on their hands. Hopefully they manage to get some money, again. The financial roller coaster started in July 2014 where Crytek claimed to have

Image October 1, 2013 Portfolio rodoni

When graduating high-school I made a CGI (computer generated image) completly in Blender as my “Maturaarbeit”. “Matura” is a Latin name for the high-school exit exam or “maturity diploma” in Switzerland. On this image everything was made in Blender and shows it’s enormous potential. I started by modelling the objects, then created appropriate UV-maps and textured

Game Assets
Image May 1, 2011 Portfolio rodoni

Starting at the very beginning…Back in 2011, my biggest passion were computer games. Especially “Age of Empires 2” and “Counter Strike”. During this time, I got fascinated by “CGI” (computer generated images) till now. Next to gaming I was active in a german computer forum and a thread about a guy who created his own