Playing around with CryEngine

Playing around with CryEngine
December 1, 2013 No Comments Portfolio rodoni

This project was created in a time, where the german video game company Crytek wasn't in financial trouble. Back then, they were in the news not because they had a crisis on their hands. Hopefully they manage to get some money, again. The financial roller coaster started in July 2014 where Crytek claimed to have secured capital which would keep the company afloat, selling its Homefront IP to Deep Silver. In April 2015 it looked like 50-70 millions from Amazon could save the company, but reports of its financial struggles are now back and worse than ever. It would be ashame if one of the biggest game companies would go bankrupt. I really hope they don't. Off topic, back in 2008 I got Crysis 1 for free, because my little cousin bought it himself but his laptop wasn't potent enought. Same thing with Medival Total War 2. This still brings a smile to my face right now!

This old trees lower body was created in Blender. It's one of my first objects where I'm happy with the UV-map. When importing stuff out of Blender a nice UV-map is essential. If an object stays in Blender, procedural textures are a nice tool to conceal ugly or non-existing UV-maps, violenty used in my "Maturarbeit".

What are procedural textures?

A procedural texture is completly created in Blender and doesn’t follow the common way of texturing a object. The anchor consists out of only 4 textures. All of them are theoretically infinite high in their resulution and they don’t need a UV-Map to be placed on an object, because procedural textres they are always perfectly tiled. They can be generated as big as necessary.

procedural texture example

A background which should be imported into the CryEngine is there as well, but it never made it out of Blender.

Other the old backsmith house, it was used in a collision test in CryEngine but I never finished it texturing.

blacksmith house created with Blender in CryEngine Crytek

Because the game should also get some aliens as enemys, I created a small spaceship as well. It should be imported into my CryEngine test map to try out my new created wapeon.

alien fighter cryengine substance painter Blender

Game Assets CryEngine, created by Reto Odoni

Date: Dezember 2013    Software: Blender, CryEngine, Photoshop

Scene Information:

The tree was rendered in real time with CryEngine at 70 fps by a Radon 6950. It consists of 2500 vertices.

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