Game Assets

Game Assets
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Starting at the very beginning...

Back in 2011, my biggest passion were computer games. Especially "Age of Empires 2" and "Counter Strike". During this time, I got fascinated by "CGI" (computer generated images) till now. Next to gaming I was active in a german computer forum and a thread about a guy who created his own game had made quite a big impression on me. He documented all his progress while creating game assets and shortly after I inquired additional information about which software he used I started to work with Blender 3D as well. always difficult.

Probably everyones first get-in-touch with Blender is everything else than great. The GUI is overloaded and confusing, renderings don't look like expected and even trivial tasks take ages. The creative output of my inital pahse was disappearing small. My first bigger steps with Blender were with a mentor in a quite big game development team which I joined when reading trough a Blender forum. As with so many projects, we couldn't reach a final phase. Nevertheless, I benefited a lot and I'm thankful to my mentor for boosting my challenging initial phase with Blender.

Here are several low poly game assets which were modelled and textured in Blender during this time. For most of the items I got blueprints or artworks which I won't publish here because I don't know if I'm allowed to do so.


low poly game assets rendered with Blender 3D, cgi

Most of the items have serious problems from current state of view but on this rendering they are hard to spot. Especially the UV-maps would blow your mind. Feel free giving some feedback or asking questions by writing a comment. I would appreciate it!

Low Poly Game Assets, created by Reto Odoni

Date: Mai 2011    Software: Blender

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