Little Game

Little Game
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Get excited primary school children with a little game

When I'm working as a PrimaLogo assistant / instructor in primary school as a student job, my main task, beside debugging the kids code, is to show the them some "real life" code examples. Since they prefer moving stuff over static code, I decided to create a small example game where I can show them easy functions like walk(), jump() and some collision detection based on logic bricks.

This project was one of my better ideas. Whenever I tell them that we are going to play some computer games this lesson they become so excited and fascinated, almost exorbitant.

What is PrimaLogo ?

A short explanation for all non-german speaking readers who can’t use the Link to

PrimaLogo is a service offered by the SVIA in cooperation with the education center for computer science at ETHZ and with the Hasler Foundation. It introduces classes and their teachers into the fascinating world of real computer science. The mainly used programming language during the lessons is Logo where the kids navigate a little turtle. In 5 lessons a year they learn how to use functions, how the repeat loop works, how to draw stuff in different colors and they get a fascinating insight into the virtual world. Sometimes we don’t manage to explain all the mentioned content but this doesn’t matter because fun with technology is of the utmost priority.

blender game engine screenshot

The game itself is quite simple. There is a protagnonist who is able to walk and jump around in a small castle. Depending on which keystroke is  pressed there is also a NPC executing some animations. The character models and animations are from MakeHuman. Some of the other stuff is recycled from older Blender projects. You may recognize them.

small game for PrimaLogo

If I remember right, the jump animation wasn't free on MakeHuman and that's why I had to create it by myself.

jumping animation blender gameengine

Little game, created by Reto Odoni

Date: May 2015    Software: Blender, MakeHuman

Game Information:

The game was created in Blender 2.73. It's Blend file is 168mb in size, compiled with all .dll it's 512mb big. It consists out of more than 100'000 vertices and contains 206 objects, over 100 textures, 12 lamps and 3 sounds. When executed 2.5 GB of Ram is used in my setup.

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