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When graduating high-school I made a CGI (computer generated image) completly in Blender as my "Maturaarbeit". "Matura" is a Latin name for the high-school exit exam or "maturity diploma" in Switzerland. On this image everything was made in Blender and shows it's enormous potential. I started by modelling the objects, then created appropriate UV-maps and textured them with color and normal maps, sometimes specularity and bump maps as well. Since a lot of objects were made with a displace modifier, the final scene had a horrific 25 millions of vertices which was way to much for my then-pc to handle.

What's a displacement map modifier?

In Blender a displacement map moves the actual geometric position of an objects vertices based on a texture. Below is an example of a displacement map and its textured result. Unlike normal maps, displacement maps can’t be computer generated and have to be painted by hand.

Displacement map example

As you can see, the displacement maps upper part is white. There is no vertex moved even if it seems like, it’s just a normal map. In the lower end, the geometry is formed as I painted in the displacement map.

Displacement map example

Even though I used much different layers, my pc wasn't capable of rendering the scene as a whole. Have I mentioned, that when Blender is running out of ram it just crashes without any warnings? Lerning this, costed me several hours of worktime and my partens some bucks for 8gb of additional ram. By the way, they were always way more generous buying me computer upgrades when it was for a "scientifc" purpose than for gaming. Reading the hardware specs of Blender users was one of the reasons I wanted to get into Blender as well.

You probably noticed that the final image doesn't deserve #noFilter. Another cool Blender feature you may not know about, is its ability for image post processing.

Development process in images:

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"Maturaarbeit", created by Reto Odoni supervised by Urs Meier

Date: September 2013    Software: Blender

Scene Information:

The final scene consists of nearly 25 million vertices, contains 7 lamps, 4700 objects and requires up to 18 GB of memory during the calculation. The rendering process took more than 10 hours at a resolution of 9922 × 7016 pixels with 4 cores @4ghz.

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