Motorcycle cocept art

Motorcycle cocept art
January 1, 2015 No Comments Portfolio rodoni

My still unrealised concept art

This is a different kind of project where I want to modify a stock Honda CX 500 into a Cafe Racer, it's based on an old Honda CX 500 which I bought back in 2015. A Cafe Racer is an old, fast, personalised and distinctive motorcycle to travel between cafés. Before starting with the manual work, I made this visualization on how the final result should look like. As it tourned out I'm much faster at generating my dream bike with Blender than I am by hand. Until now I checked up the legal situation of motorcycles modifications in Switzerland and disassembled the whole bike and put it's single parts into boxes for future processing. This was it's state before 2 years and it is its current state.

But since motorcycles are one of my biggest passion, this project is still work in progress and it's not abandoned.

motorcycle rendered in Blender in front in a garage

Some of the parts are copied and ajusted afterwards from to to decrease worktime. And for some reasons the front tire is hovering on the second picture.

Scene Information:

The whole motorcycle contains about 450'000 vertices with all modifiers activated and 110 single meshes.

Motorcycle visualization, created by Reto Odoni

Date: January 2015    Software: Blender

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