The website’s initial state

The website’s initial state
January 14, 2017 No Comments Blog rodoni

Where I'm starting from

Before starting with the website's initial state, I want to tell you how this site was created. In 2014 I originally wanted to study game design at "University of Arts in Zurich". Because it's a University of Arts they want a portfolio with artworks beside the academic degree.  In my opinion a website as portfolio was most suitable for me and I got my own domain name also known as on September 14, 2014. Now I just needed to bring the page online. So I told my mother we really need to upgrade her computer, bought myself a Mainboard, CPU, Ram and everything else it needs and stuffed my old components into a Silverstone HTPC case. Everything expect the 128gb SSD, it went into my mothers computer as the largely announced performance upgrade. This was the last upgrade my mother got till now but she is still happy with it and Apricity OS. The Server went into the washing room where he still is. At first, the server was just a way to strong webserver. Over the years the webserver got extended, 15 TB of additional storage was as Raid5 installed which then got attached to the local network (NAS) and to the internet via Syncthing. Even a GPU was later installed for Steam-In-Home-Streaming and hashcat to experiment with encryption. Of course the server is still way to strong and idles about 99 percent of the time (source vmstat).

State before relaunch

Over the past few months my site got just about 25 views a week. After the relaunch at January 4 the amount of views starts to increase. The main reason for this is my presence and search engines crawling my new site. Google Analytics counts a session with the same IP as new after 30 minutes of idle time. So theoretically, 47 sessions a day could be produced by me. There can’t be much real traffic on my site because of the average session time which is under 10 seconds.

initial state traffic weekly

Something really strange I like to show is my pages initial traffic sorted by browser language. During election, the traffic from bots on my site increased. From this diagram, it should be easily to determine which one they are. In general, the languages set are just weird.

sessions sorted by languages

Also Russian access increased during this time. This is probably where a part of the accusation Russian is helping Trump is coming from. Thus, this can't be confirmed with anything based on IP addresses since is easy to fake.

russian sessins per day

My website's initial state

Most of the data from Google Analytic is in my case unusable. The only graph I can rely on is the one with recurring users. Till now all traffic on my site from recurring users is coming from following languages en-us, de-ch and de which seems legit. The average session time is 44 seconds with a bounce rate of 87 percentage. This means that 13% of all users open anything else than the front page and results in 1.4 pages a user. Of course, about 7 users a day isn't that much and I think I could name them all personally but this is my website's initial state.

recurring users of my websites inital sate

I will keep you up to date how my website is going and will release at least one post every week.

One more thing, if there is just one native English speaker, could you please leave a small report concerning my writing. Especially if my English is sufficient for writing a blog and where I should try to imporove it.

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